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Expand Your Digital Horizon

From The Hill Studio will work closely with you to ensure that your digital space encapsulates your product, service or message through an engaging and user-friendly experience.

Reach your audience in a personalized manner and connect with them on multiple screens and devices.

4 Essential Digital Marketing Ingredients

Creative Concepts

It all starts with an idea. Hatching a creative concept is the core of digital advertising that will spur engagement and results. Without a hook, your audience will pass you by for something much more intriguing.

Web & Graphic Design

While an idea is the driving force behind a campaign, design catches the audience’s attention and grabs hold long enough to make your message heard. Intelligent graphic and web design is the skin of every good idea.

Data Collection

Reach is not always the most important metric. With targeted advertising, you can meet your goals quicker and easier by over-stepping the uninterested and speaking directly to those that want to listen.


Social Media

Utilize social media in a way that enhances your messaging in a personal and trusting manner. Communities that share an affinity for your product or brand can embrace or tarnish your reputation with a couple clicks. Harness that power, today.

The Latest FTH Articles

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CPC Ads vs CPM Ads: Which One Is For Me?

As the Cost Per Click (or CPC) world starts to get a little more cluttered with social media giants like Facebook and Twitter becoming rivals to Google Adwords, it is a good idea to step back and look at the advantages and disadvantages between Cost Per Click ads and Cost Per Thousand ads. At the end of the day, both models can accomplish the same thing – results.

See You Laser Website Re-design

A local laser engraving and 3D printing company came to me to redesign their existing website which was built on the Wix platform. The site redesign utilized an extensive portfolio that showcased both their laser engraving work and their 3D printing products, as well...

“Leaked” Mr. Robot S2 Premiere

The network behind Mr. Robot gave the critically acclaimed show a creative boost this weekend by "leaking" the first hour of its two-hour premiere online 3 days before the actual launch. The did so in the most "Mr. Robot" like way. During a live Facebook Q&A with the...

“Authenticity, honesty, and personal voice underlie much of what’s successful on the Web.”

Rick Levine - Successful Kickstarter Entrepreneur

Jayme VandenBerg

Digital Marketing Specialist

I specialize in crafting digital marketing solutions for clients who use radio advertising. The four ingredients of my ideal digital advertising solution are a creative concept, engaging design, utilizing data and analysis, and social media support. More and more, my focus tends to be on integrating user experience and mobile optimization as an important factor of a successful digital campaign.